Promoting Professionalism in the Container Trader Market

The global container fleet is estimated to be in the order of about 35 million containers, most of which are operated by shipping lines. The initial service life of a container is about 10 to 12 years which proves the container is a highly efficient and sustainable unit for transporting cargo.

Each year about 2 million containers are disposed by the owners - because of factors such as overstock, location, age or condition.

Traders are integral to the container industry because they facilitate the transition of the containers into the secondary market. In addition to aiding the financial stability of the shipping industry by realising the residual value of the container, traders recycle containers into new markets and support the ongoing sustainability of container fleets.

Shipping lines concentrate on their core business: moving cargo on their scheduled routes and maximising utilisation of the containers within their network.

Traders offer a vital service - providing containers to the secondary market, such as shipments of project cargo where the container may transport material and equipment to a remote construction site, where it is used to store the contents until required for the site works.  Thereafter, the container may be re-traded into domestic use for static storage or converted into one of many innovative uses.

Once acquiring the container, the Trader organises examination and repair to ensure the container is fit for the intended purpose. Containers are graded by the Trader according to their planned use – for example, structurally safe for transport or suitable for storage or conversion.

CSTA’s aim is to provide its members with the platform, resources and forums to support the trading industry:

  • Promote the professionalism and value of the sector
  • Exchange industry best practice
  • Develop initiatives and innovations
  • Aid compliance and engage with safety, regulatory and environmental agencies.
  • Provide technical support
  • Network and conference events

Membership of the Association is open to any company involved in selling, buying, trading containers for the secondary market, or involved in container storage, conversion and innovation.