Condensation in storage containers – and how to tackle the problem – was one of the main topics of discussion at the 5th CSTA Webinar, which took place on 16 February 2021.


The Webinar commenced with an overview of the causes of condensation – and showed examples of some solutions. The CSTA has published Technical Guidelines about the issue of condensation. CSTA Members may download the Guidelines – click on this link: CONTAINER CONDENSATION.


Following this introduction, CSTA Member Chris Jefferies updated fellow Members on the the NoZwet anti-condensation solution that his company offers to container self-storage operators.


During the Webinar, David Wall briefed participants on the PODS system for storing and transporting personal effects. Over 150,000 newly manufactured PODS units have been coated with the NoZwet system since 2017. And it is now treating 140,000 new steel roofs to replace  existing fleet plastic and fibre-glass roofs


The Webinar also included a market update on freight rates, container availability, newbuild prices and traded container prices.


Members may download the Webinar Presentation – click here: CSTA WEBINAR PRESENTATION

To view a recording of the Webinar – click here: CSTA WEBINAR RECORDING