Self Storage

Container Self-Storage

Over the past decade, one of the most important markets for Container Traders has been the Container Self-Storage Industry – representing both an Innovative use of Shipping Containers and an Important Source of business for Container Traders.

Recognising the need for an Industry Body to represent this sector and to Promote Professionalism and Standards, the CSTA will provide a service to this rapidly expanding sector.

As from January 2020, the CTIA has changed its name and has changed its branding to provide a range of services relevant to the Container Self-Storage Market and Container Traders.

CSTA Membership

Membership of the CSTA is open to:

  • Operators of Container Self-Storage Facilities
  • Container Traders
  • Suppliers of Equipment and Services

Industry Code of Practice

The Association will provide its Members with an industry-accepted Code of Practice, including (for example), recommendations for such key issues as:

  • Site security, CCTV
  • Container security
  • Insurance
  • Terms & conditions of rental
  • Site management
  • Right of access
  • Co-operation with authorities and regulatory bodies
  • Recycling of contents of abandoned containers
  • Condition of containers

Sharing Best Practice

CSTA will provide a forum for Operators of Container Self-Storage Facilities to discuss key issues and share best-practice on a number of matters of mutual interest – for example:

  • Fly tipping
  • Credit checking, credit control
  • Obtaining County Court Judgements

The CSTA will continue, to offer our existing services, including “Accredited Member Status” and CSC Awareness Courses for Traders.

The 2020 Membership Fee is: £195 (or €230 or US$255).

Launch Meeting

It is planned to arrange a CSTA meeting mid-2020 – date and venue to be confirmed, based on Member Feedback.