Technical Documents

Containers should be maintained in a safe condition and fit for the purpose intended.

CSTA publishes a series of technical documents as an aid to traders. Currently available are documents providing the following information:

TD-01 Neutralisation

Neutralisation is the process of removing or masking the marks that identify the previous owner and may be requirement of the:

  • Terms and conditions of the sale agreement
  • Requirement of the new owner to identify the container as its own
  • Preparation for re-marking and re-use as a shipper owned container (SOC)
  • Modifying the container from international transport by sea to static use

TD-02 Re-marking

Re-marking is the process of re-instating the container markings to identify of the new owner. The new owner may require to re-mark the container with the owners identification system, commonly referred to as a BIC-Code.

TD-03 Grading

Traded containers are used for many different applications including, international transport, static storage or modified into range of innovative uses such as offices, retail. Containers displaying structurally acceptable dents and corrosion may be acceptable for transport applications but unacceptable for the self-storage retail market where aesthetics are of greater importance. Grading indicates the appropriate on-going use of the container.


The document describes the provisions for CSC – Convention for Safe Containers 1972

The objective of CSC is to provide safe containers by regulating the design, testing and periodic examinations.

Container owners are required to examine containers in accordance with an approved procedure