YX BOXX is an independent container trading company. Our headquarter is located in Ningbo,China. We provide long-term leasing and trading services for container demanders around the world and have a high-quality production and logistics team, to establish a good cooperative relationship with the world’s first-tier suppliers, relying on the natural advantages of Ningbo Port and the good cooperation with CMA, MSK, ONE, YML, COSCO and other shipping companies

1. Container leasing: China – North America, China – Europe, Europe – China
2. Container Trading: China, North America, Europe, Southeast Asia
3. Sales/leasing of 20’&40’ standard and special boxes.

Extended Service
1. Booking and customs declaration service in Ningbo, Shanghai and Shenzhen.
2. Perfect American SOC price and service.
3. Shipment and train service from China to Europe.


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