Domino Clamps are a unique accessory for shipping containers which allow you to attach just about anything to your shipping container without damaging it.

Made from drop forged steel in the UK, Domino Clamps lock into either shield or stadium shaped holes of an ISO corner casting and tighten into place with a central M16 bolt. Once securely in position, you can bolt whatever you might need directly to any one of the four M12 holes in the front face.

Quickly and securely connect things like stairs, signs, lighting, CCTV, and advertising billboards directly to the steel container. A great way to avoid building extra structures when there are already shipping containers available at hand.

They are well shielded from the weather with a Zinc and Xylan protective coating and have a NWL of up to 2000kg in vertical shear.



Domino Clamps

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