BOS Best Of Steel is producing solid, well proven BOS Quick-Build-Containers and Quick-Build-Warehouses for 40 years.

As the market leader for fast construction solutions in steel, BOS Best Of Steel is continuously working to optimize the solid, easily transportable storage unit. You can find with us the right, cost-effective solution for every storage problem. Storage units from BOS Best Of Steel are quickly assembled and usable – and can be extended at any time due to their modular construction. All in proven BOS quality with TÜV tested safety – and with the advantages that only the robust material steel can offer.

Storage space at any time in any place – with the highly flexible BOS containers and warehouses from 2 to 200m².

The BOS Quick-Build-Container is at home wherever storage space is needed within a very short time: Extremely quick to assemble, robust and available in many sizes. The classic in the field of  self storage, mobile storage, for building sites, industry and trade.

BOS Best Of Steel

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