CTIA Accredited Member

  • The CTIA Accredited Member Scheme is designed to protect all parties.
  • The accredited member demonstrates professionalism and reliability.
  • Companies eligible to join the CTIA are recognised as an “Accredited Member”.
  • To become eligible to join the company must demonstrate that it fulfils the CTIA membership criteria and complies with the Code of Conduct.
  • Companies that do not meet the criteria are not eligible to join the CTIA.
  • As a CTIA Accredited Member, the Company can use the CTIA “Accredited Member” logo

Liability and obligations:

  • The CTIA undertakes checks of applicant members to verify compliance with the CTIA membership criteria.
  • Nevertheless, the CTIA does not offer any warranties or redress on the activities of any CTIA member.
  • Companies and individuals entering into any business arrangements, contractual or otherwise, should undertake their own evaluation of the member company. Caveat emptor.


Become an Accredited CTIA Member

To become a CTIA Accredited Member, download the CTIA Members Code of Conduct document – to download, click here: CODE OF CONDUCT