– Highlighting New Ideas and Technology for Self-Storage Operators
– Four Presentations and Q&A

The CSTA Webinar featured four presentations covering innovative technology and ideas from CSTA Members.

Each presentation lasted around 15 minutes with the following presentations –

Container Liners for Container Self Storage Operators – 00:00:00
Thermal Packaging Solutions’ container liners: how the liners work, materials, markets – and how they compare with other systems
Presenters: Chris Taylor & Eleanor Cornwall, TPS
Make the Most of your Shipping Containers – 00:15:29 
Innovative use of clamps and brackets to secure fitments and get better use of self-storage containers
Presenter: Justin Beardsell, Domino Clamps
Container Locking Systems for Operators – 00:33:53
A review of Lock Boxes and Padlocks for container self-storage operators
Presenter: Chris Osborne, Budget Shipping Containers
Software solutions for Container Traders, Lessors and Self-Storage Operators – 01:01:30
Emerging computer technology specially developed to manage container trading and leasing.
Presenter: Frances Claibourn, Speed-IT Ltd


You can watch the presentations back HERE

00:00:00 Thermal Packaging Solutions’ container liners
00:15:29 Make the Most of your Shipping Containers
00:33:53 Container Locking Systems for Operators
01:01:30 Software solutions for Container Traders, Lessors and Self-Storage Operators