New Industry Guidelines, Standards and Accreditation Scheme launched at CTIA Traders Meeting

  1. Reliable CTIA Trader Accreditation Scheme endorsed
  2. Standard Container Sales Contract confirmed
  3. CTIA Guidelines for Traders: Container Coatings and Reefer Containers
  4. Refrigerated gas safety and environmental awareness for traders

New industry guidelines, standards and an accreditation scheme for traders – these were the key initiatives at the recent Container Traders and Innovators Meeting, held in Rotterdam last week. Attended by 52 delegates, a wide range of topics relevant to traders, re-sellers and innovators were debated during the Conference Sessions,

A Report on the Key Initiatives is given below. In addition, CTIA Members may download PDFs of the conference presentations from the CTIA website. Click here: PRESENTATIONS.


CTIA Code of Practice and Accreditation Scheme for Reliable Traders

  • As part of the professional development of the industry – and reassurance for clients, partners and investors – the establishment of a “CTIA Code of Practice for Container Traders” is underway.
  • CTIA Members will endorse a declaration of sound professional business practices as laid out in the Code of Practice.
  • Each member will submit to independent assessment by world renowned business assessment consultancy Dun & Bradstreet.
  • In this way, CTIA Members would be able to promote themselves using a “CTIA Reliable Trader” brand – a real benefit when dealing with industry partners and financial organisations.
  • A Work Group – to provide guidance on the Code of Practice and the credit rating system – will be established, with the aim of finalising the programme by January 2019.

Guidelines for Waterborne Coatings for Traded Containers

  • One of the CTIA’s aims is to “increase the knowledge” on the wide range of topics affecting traders.
  • Presentations at the Conference were made by Philip Eastell (Deputy Head of Marketing – Container Coatings, Chugoku Marine Paints) and Christoph Broesamle (Group Project Manager, Container Coatings, Hempel China).
  • The presentations reviewed the “basics” of container coatings, examined the changes to production of containers using waterborne paints and highlighted the difference compared to solvent-borne paints.
  • It was agreed that there would be a benefit in the CTIA publishing “Guidelines for Waterborne Coatings for Traded Containers”

Standard container sale agreement

  • A recommended “Standard Container Sale Agreement” was presented to delegates by Johannes Schlingmeier, Managing Director, xChange Solutions.
  • The concept of this Agreement is based on the fact that, while visibility, trust and payments are all fundamental elements of international container trading.
  • The aim of this Standard Agreement would be to remove the uncertainty about the implications of clauses and avoid mistrust and contract risk.
  • Supported by the CTIA, CTIA members can use the contract free-of-charge. It can be downloaded from or the CTIA website (

Guidelines for Reefer Container Refrigerant Gases and Insulation

  • An overview of the issues affecting the trading of reefer containers was given by Mark Bennett, President, Sun Intermodal.
  • He reviewed the availability and cost of refrigerants (R134a / R404a), alerted delegates to the safety issues of fake refrigerants and discussed insulation foam containing HCFCs (R141b) or CFCs (R11).
  • For refrigerants, he analysed trends in new and used gas prices, updated delegates on refrigerant gas legislation and production and indicated that the rising price of R134a might attract the illegal import of cheap, fake gas. There are reports of fake gas being used widely in SE Europe.
  • He also gave details of Insulation Foam Legislation, confirming that the original EU CFC legislation was amended in 2013. The trading of containers that contain CFCs/HCFCs and imported within the EU is not permitted.
  • CTIA has undertaken to provide guidelines for Members relating to traded Reefer Containers

Trading Market in the US

  • An overview of the market for traded containers in North America was given by Tim Britton (CEO, Spinnaker Equipment).
  • Tim gave a fascinating talk on his perspective of the changing market conditions – and how the current shortage of equipment in the USA is affecting the market.

BoxTech for traded containers?

  • BoxTech is a neutral, centralized data repository developed by BIC (Bureau International de Containers), allowing container owners/operators to register technical data of their container fleets for instant availability to trading partners and other users.
  • Doug Owen, BIC Secretary-General, demonstrated the opportunities for BoxTech, to provide a database for traded containers flagging units as sold, providing alerts for recoveries and lost units.
  • Further information on:

Video of Container House Project

  • Phil Behenna (Director, Container Interchange) has undertaken a project to design and build a “Container House” located in a remote part of the Nevada Desert.
  • Phil has created a video about the project, which was “premiered” during the CTIA Conference.
  • To view the video, click on this link: CONTAINER HOUSE

CSC Awareness – Overview of CTIA Professional Awareness Course 

  • The CTIA sponsors a 1-day Professional Awareness Course on the Convention for Safe Containers – focused on container traders and re-sellers. A condensed version of the Course was presented at the conference, it covered: the scope and obligations of participants, approved procedures, container examination, transfer of ownership and the shipper owned container.
  • Further information about the course can be obtained from Patrick Hicks on

Networking Reception

  • Following a busy afternoon conference, delegates enjoyed a relaxing networking reception – a chance to meet industry colleagues and make new industry contacts.

Next CTIA Meetings and Events

  • Intermodal Europe: The CTIA will be exhibiting at the Intermodal Europe 2018 Exhibition in Rotterdam (, taking place from Tuesday 6 to Thursday 8 November. All visitors are of course very welcome!
  • 2019 Members Meeting: The next CTIA Conference and Networking Meeting is scheduled for Amsterdam in June 2019.

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