Report of the 2nd CTIA Meeting (London, 10 July) 

A total of 65 delegates attended the 2nd CTIA Meeting in London on 10 July, with a range of topics covering Innovation, Technology, Regulations, Finance and Industry Promotion.

The Conference included a Plenary Session, followed by break-out Work Groups, covering a range of relevant topics that had been raised at the Amsterdam meeting earlier in the year.

It concluded with a Review of the Meeting, followed by a Networking Cocktail Reception

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PDFs of Presentations given at the 2nd CTIA Meeting

PDFs of the presentations given in the Plenary Session are available for Members to download – Click HERE

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Minutes of the Work Group Sessions at the 2nd CTIA Meeting

During the London Conference, participants were able to attend four Work Group Sessions. The Work Groups covered:

–          Guidelines for Neutralising Traded containers

–          Guidelines for Re-Marking Traded Containers

–          Standard Terminology for Grading Containers

–          Regulations for Housing

–          Financing for the Secondary Market

–          CTIA Awards Programme

Members and Delegates are able to download a Report of the Work Group sessions. To view them, click here: WG MINUTES

Spark:York Video and Crowd-funding

CTIA Member Spark:York gave a presentation and showed a Video during the Meeting

To view the video, click HERE

For further information about the Spark:York Crowdfunding process Click HERE

Three CTIA Guidelines Published

During the Work Group sessions, there was a review of the Draft Guidelines for the Neutralisation of Traded ContainersRe-Marking of Traded Containers and Standard Terminology for Grading Containers

The Guidelines are now being revised, based on the WG discussions, and will shortly be available on the CTIA Website.

To download the draft Guidelines, click HERE

Photo Gallery of the 2nd CTIA Meeting and Site Visits

We have compiled a photo gallery of the Conference, Evening Reception and Site Visits.

To view the Gallery, click HERE